Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone, hope all of you on the East coast are safe after the powerful force of Sandy.

We had crazy high winds and rain, but luckily no damage other than the cupola of our shed fell off, which is an easy fix.

Surprisingly, we didn’t even lose power which totally perplexed me.

{ of course we didn’t since we now have a generator… }

However, many families weren’t so lucky, as we’ve witnessed from photos and footage from NY and NJ.

All of the damage and devastation, my heart just broke seeing that.

My prayers are with you all.


So it’s that time of year….Halloween!

Halloween is so much fun, don’t you think ?!?

Each year, usually the weekend before Halloween we host a big party.

As a matter of fact, last year it was on the 29th, the same day as the Halloween nor’easter !

{ you can see our 2011 party here }

The rain and wind was incredible, huge gusts, horizontal rain…crazy!

But our crazy guests came, most with their makeup smeared and their wigs halfway blown off.

{ such troopers ! }

This year we got lucky and the weather was great for a late October evening.

I (selfishly) prayed for nice weather, because it’s hard to have over 50 people in our home, without the option of heading outdoors.

Kids, food, candy, excitement……SUGAR.

I’m sure you can understand.

Anyway, we just LOVE Halloween, our entire family does and we get really into it.

Typically I make new “props” each year, like this, this and this.

This year I made a grave yard I named “the Boneyard”.

haha…it’s so fun!

I also made these scary window silhouettes via Martha Stewart.

{ I can’t tell you how many times that scary silhouette on the far left scared me as I walked down our hallway….yikes! }

Decorating inside our home takes quite a bit of time.

I never plan to do it all in one day, this year it took me about 2 weeks to get everything out.

I never decorate the same each year either, which makes it more fun!

We transform our home into a mini-Haunted House, not ridiculously scary, but just a tad.

Oh, and maybe even a little tasteless at times, but it’s all in fun.

Since our guest list has grown over the years, our home can feel pretty tight, but luckily the weather was nice enough for the kids to get outdoors and play.

We even rented a bouncy house which was a BIG hit.

Some of the adult guests were also able to get out and sit by the fire pit.

We had so much fun as usual, it was definitely one for the books.

Here is a glimpse of our Halloween party in pictures….

Now time to….


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Amazing job Michelle!!  Its great to see all the pictures of the decor and all of us of course!  We had a great time this year and we are very lucky to have the weather we had.  Every year you out do yourself, cant wait to see what next yr. brings!!  The cake pops and chicken cacciatore were my favorite!  thanks again!  

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