My baby is 8

I can’t even believe it, 8 years old.

My baby.

Myah Jaye.

Where did the time go ??

I know it sounds like such a cliche’, but time did seem to have flown by.

I truly cannot believe how quickly you have grown right before my eyes.

My sweet little girl.

You are such a playful soul, with an uncanny sense of humor.

Sweet and shy.

So loveable and caring.

Helpful and cuddly.

Giggly and kind.

Your smile could truly light up a darkened room.


You have been such a joy each and everyday.

God truly blessed us when he gave us YOU to love forever.

I am so incredibly proud to be your Mama, and I do NOT, nor will I ever take that for granted.

I am humbled actually.

I promise you today and always to care for you.

To teach you and to nourish you.

To guide and support you.

To offer advice, endless hugs, a shoulder to cry on.

To accept your choices (as long as they keep you safe from harm).

And to allow you to be YOU.

You are such a wonderful little lady Myah.

I love you to the moon and back.

Always will.


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