Sea glass candy and a printable

Recently, I received an email from my friend Joan, with a recipe for sea glass candy.

Joan thought this recipe would be something my girls and I would like to make together.

Joan just loves the beach and boating, and knows we do as well, so I was so happy she graciously forwarded not only a recipe, but also some pictures.

In her email, Joan mentioned to be very careful when making this candy, as the liquid sugar gets extremely hot.

She also said to make sure not to undercook the candy or it can be extremely sticky.

She actually wrote (and I quote)  If it is undercooked it will stick to your teeth something awful – probably lose all your fillings”.

{ I’ll share a little story about my first batch and Joan’s warning later in this post }

The pictures Joan sent of the candy she had made were so pretty!

Her candy totally looked like real sea glass ~ so pretty, beachy and colorful.

I was so impressed that I made some right away using this recipe:


~~~  Sea Glass Candy ~~~

 1 cup sugar

1/3 cup light corn syrup

6 Tbsp water

food coloring

1/2 tsp flavoring oil (almond or any other)

non-stick cooking spray

powdered sugar for dusting (optional)

 Lightly spray a small metal pan with non-stick spray. Don’t use ceramic or glass pans for fairly obvious reasons… you’re going to break up the candy into shards by smacking it with a hammer. In a small saucepan, stir together the sugar, water and corn syrup and place over medium heat #6. Stir until the sugar dissolves. When it begins to simmer, attach your candy thermometer and watch. Just watch, no stirring. When the mixture hits the 250°F range add any food colorings, usually 2 drops will do. Again, don’t stir. The bubbling action will distribute the color for you.

 Once your thermometer reads just barely 300°F remove from the heat and then add your flavoring and stir. Be careful as it will bubble and steam. Immediately pour the bubbling mixture into your prepared pan and allow to sit until cool. You can refrigerate it or put it in the freezer to speed up the set up time. Which is about 10 minutes.

 Once it has fully cooled, cover with a piece of parchment or wax paper and hit it with a rubber mallet.

 If needed put the broken pieces of candy in a bowl and dust with a little powdered sugar, if it is at all sticky, but this will dull the shine. 

 (If stored in an open bowl on a humid day they will stick together a little.)


So my little girl and I got busy making our very first batch.

We both decided to try blue.

 The color was beautiful, but it was way too sticky AND I forgot the extract !


 We tried again with green, but it was way too soft, and AGAIN I forgot the extract !


 As annoyed as I was, my little girl and I were giggling at how forgetful I was being.

 We decided to

Try…try….again !

 I mean, it’s sugar and syrup, it’s not like you’re breaking the bank, candy is just tricky to make.

BTW, I decided on coconut extract, as coconut reminds me of sunscreen and the beach.

We were more successful with the next 3 batches.

We did 1 blue, 1 green and 1 without any color.

Then we lightly dusted with powered sugar and tossed.

We were very impressed with how it came out, what do you think ???…..

Totally pretty right ?!?

And sweet !

You could use any flavoring or color which totally intrigues me.

However, I personally prefer the 3 colors we chose, as these are the colors we find most on the beach.

{ but mixing the blues and greens together ???  now were talking….! }

We wrapped a handful of candy with clear cellophane and tied with blue and white bakers twine.

I’m thinking these will make great gifts, or additions to any gift basket, don’t you agree ?!?

I made a sea inspired gift tag, punched a hole, and tied one to each pouch.

My little ladies each signed “love, {their name} ” on each of their tags.

If you’d like, you can print these tags to use for your sea glass candy gifts as well!

seaglass candy printable

I used a gift tag paper punch to cut my tags like the one below, but you could also just cut them with scissors into any shape you prefer.

And that’s how we made our pretty sea glass candy.

Thanks for the recipe and inspiration Joan !!

I just love hand-made and details, I think this sweet gift incorporates both so nicely.


Okay, so as far as the little story I have for you…..

So after we made the first batch of sticky candy, and while I was working on the second batch, I found myself taking a piece of the blue glass candy, popping it into my mouth and trying to chew, even though it SO stuck to my teeth.  Well, after about the 5th time doing this (?!?!), I actually pulled the crown right off my back tooth!  Granted, this was a crown that SO needed to be replaced, but one that I was putting off.  I just had to laugh though,  I mean Joan warned me in black and white right ?!?  Ugh.  I’m seeing my Dentist on Wednesday.


Thanks for stopping by.

Have a wonderful weekend.



13 thoughts on “Sea glass candy and a printable

  1. Hi there. Love is idea and thank you for sharing the tags. Was wondering if you could remember about how many bags 3 batches made? I need to make about 50 bags as favors for my wedding. How many batches do you think that would be? Thanks  🙂 

  2. Thank you souch for sharing this idea & your experience!  I want to make this for my upcoming beach theme wedding reception.  I have a few questions tha would be helpful for me- How many bags did you fill with each batch?  Also, how long does the candy stay good in the bags you used?  Thanks!

  3. Help! I am on about batch number 10…. attempting to get the right colors…YOURS! I have had NO problem with it being soft, or the texture. Here is my problem: no matter how much I desire the ” clear” look, or ANY shade of blue…it turns green. I know it is due to the fact that the corn syrup is already yellowish, and gets deeper yellow as it cooks… hence…. yellow + blue equals green. How did you get this vivid aquamarine or a clear shade?

  4. MICHELLE!!!

    Help help help! Is there anyway you could make a giant batch of these to use for my wedding favors?
    My wedding is in May and on the beach these are beautiful and perfect!

    1. OMG Mary, you are so sweet to ask but mine did not come out that great. They were pretty, but sticky as heck. I suggest trying to make a batch and see how they come out ?? Congratulations on your upcoming wedding !!!

  5. I had the same problem as Beth!  My blue turned sea green and my clear was (light) yellowish tan.  Did you use gel food coloring (I wouldn’t think so, but figured that I’d ask).  It tastes good, but I just can’t get the same beautiful colors you did…  I also got brown when I let mine go to 303 degrees, so I might suggest that pulling it off at 290 might be the way to go?

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