Tis’ the season.

For Decking the halls!

Or at least our home anyway.

I just get giddy when it comes to decorating our home for the holidays, and I was beyond excited to start.

True, I did start a day (or two) before Thanksgiving, but I have a good excuse.

Not sure if you’ve read my last two posts, if you have then maybe you’ll understand.

You see, my oldest and my youngest both celebrate a birthday just 5 days apart.

Myah is on the 25th, Mikey is the 30th.

{ they are 8 years apart }

Their birthdays fall within only days of Thanksgiving, sometimes even on Thanksgiving.

{ Myah was born on Thanksgiving day 2004 }

Lucky for me I don’t host Thanksgiving, but it can still get a bit hectic.

So in between Thanksgiving and these 2 birthday’s (celebrations, sleepovers and company), I try and start some Christmas decorating, doing a little here and a little there.

For me, it makes it less stress-ful than all at once and I can stay focused on what is most important, my kiddo’s birthdays.

I know I could wait until after, but I just really love having some decorations in our home by Thanksgiving weekend, it gets me in the festive mood.

I always have, probably always will.

Not EVERYTHING, but touches of red, gold and green.

And I don’t mean the tree, that usually comes a week or so later.

So I started slowly.

Adding lights on the little pine trees by our front door….

I added a pretty pine wreath to our vintage sled.

Then I hung our traditional wreaths, but this year I added lights to each of them….

{ not sure I’m loving the lights, and this picture makes it look like our home disappeared ! }

I took my time inside, and as tradition has it, I started with the mantel garland and the wreaths…

little boxes wrapped with sheet music add a pretty touch…

I added this sparkly red ribbon to our family picture by simply duck taping the ribbon on the back of the frame…

razor clam Christmas tree with a little sparkle…

I just love indoor lights…

and Maxie loves the warmth from the fireplace…

This antique frame turned chalkboard has been SO well used each celebration and holiday…

The greens for my centerpiece are real, cut from our own yard…

This large pinecone was purchased last year at a local garden store.

The sticks were cut in our yard, and the bamboo is leftover from Myah’s teepee

I updated a tired looking swag by adding sparkly fruit I had and some holiday ornaments…

I hot glued ribbon to my J O Y letters and hung them in our kitchen bay window for a change…

{ I don’t like to decorate the exact same way each year, I like to mix it up a bit }

The basket is filled with dried hydrangeas from our yard in several colors…

I decided to add a little sparkle to them using spray adhesive and glitter….

They are SO sparkly and pretty.

I also added faux greenery, real pinecones and starfish…

I still love these little waterless snow globes I made last year…

My pitcher and bowl set is always part of any holiday decor, it’s so versatile.

Here I added some raffia and ornaments inside the bowl.

I put a small poinsettia in the pitcher.

I have a few of these cute little trees around the house.

Including one in each of my kids bedrooms.

cute ruffle trees I made last year…

and a touch of fun with this thumbprint reindeer shell, representing our family…

Myah painted this, isn’t he super cute ?!?!

We do have our tree, just got it yesterday.

I just haven’t gotten around to taking some good photos, but I will soon.

I love looking back to how I decorated last year and beyond.

{ you can see some of that here, here, herehere, here )

Funny how your taste changes.

One change I made this year is to not hang all of the garland I typically do.

I’ve decided it’s just too much of a dust collector and too much work.



Tis’ the season !

Have you decorated ??

Do you have your tree yet ??

Real or artificial ??

What traditions do you and your family celebrate ??

Elf on the Shelf ??

I would love to hear!


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