Crepe paper flowers for Valentine’s Day


Aren’t they pretty ?!?

I think so.

They are also fun to make and cost next to nothing !

Beautiful, colorful flowers made with crepe paper.

The difference between these crepe paper flowers, and the flowers I made last Valentine’s Day for teacher gifts, is that you start with ruffle crepe paper streamers.

To make these streamers, you will need your sewing machine.


{ kiss flowers made last Valentine’s Day for the teachers }

Don’t fret, or be intimidated, even the novice of sewers can master this!


I made ruffled crepe paper streamers last June for our town Girl Scout “Me & My Guy dance”.

I was in charge of the photo back drop, and the theme was black and white.

I had so much fun creating it.

Here is how it turned out.

( it started white, but then I dyed it grey )


See the white ruffle streamers ??


So I’ll try and explain how to do this, I even took a short video last June, which will show you just how easy it is to make the ruffles.

However, you may want to visit Dana made it blog to see her awesome visual ruffled streamer tutorial.

So first you’ll want to cut 2 long pieces of crepe paper. You can do all one color or two different, it’s all up to you.

For my Valentine flowers, I decided to do all solid colors in white, pink and bright pink.

You’ll need to set your sewing machine to the longest stitch and set your tension on the highest setting.

Overlap your two pieces of crepe paper, place under your pressure foot and start sewing.

Yup, that easy!  Here, see for yourself….

You will end up with a fluffy pile of paper ruffles.

(sorry these pics aren’t that clear, I took them on my phone)


Next I just glued and rolled.


Glued and rolled.


Until my flower(s) were to my liking.


Then glued my flower(s) to a pipe cleaner and placed them in my white pitcher.



So fluffy and pretty.

I added a small “you are Loved” tag tied with bakers twine.



Fun, fluffy, colorful and pretty.

So Valen-tiney too!

I’ll be posting more about Valentine’s Day decor soon.

Thanks for stopping by.



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