The benefits of Coconut Oil

Do you suffer from winter dry skin ?!?

What about winter dry scalp ?!?

{ scratch…scratch }


You know that bothersome itch, that comes with those embarrassing white flakes ?!?

Don’t be ashamed, I have both dry skin and dry scalp

(not to mention dry hands, cuticles…lucky me ! )


I know, it’s not that bad of an ailment, but it’s itchy and uncomfortable AND being a brunette, I do get self-conscious about those pesky white flakes.

I mean…I’m flaky enough!


I’ve tried the dry scalp/dandruff shampoos which haven’t worked well for me.

The shampoo’s left me with a seemingly drier scalp, the smell is typically NOT good, plus I felt like it was just stripping my hair.

More importantly, the color that I have to pay for every 8-9 weeks !

So I did some research online and found many natural home remedies for dry scalp and dandruff.

The one I settled on is from the mother huddle blog.

Her photos alone just oozed “spa” and when I saw that it was made with Coconut I was sold.

Have you ever used Coconut oil ??

It’s pretty wonderful.

I have used it for several things, including a scrub, a dry hand remedy, as well as a natural, home-made deodorant that my son and I made a few months back.

He’s ALL about all natural, which can be difficult since he’s a sports kid and definitely needs a deodorant.

The deodorant seemed to work okay, we didn’t have any essential oil at the time, but here is what we did use…


{ the cute little cups and spoons are from the Dollar Tree }

** since making our one deodorant, we’ve decided to switch back to a stick, however all-natural.   I found a great, local all-natural store that carries just about anything you can think of **


Back to the itchy, dry scalp.

This DIY scalp treatment is easy, relaxing and it seemed to have worked for me !


{ photo courtesy of the mother huddle, recipe link here }

Here’s the recipe at the mother huddle

Using ingredients like these:



Obviously this treatment is made with oil, so your hair will be very oily/greasy while it’s in your hair.

Don’t fret, just try and enjoy the 20 mins.

Sit.  Relax.

After the 20 mins., I washed my hair using just a little shampoo.

It still felt a little oily, so I repeated with the shampoo, then conditioned.

Once I dried my hair, I had no signs of oil and amazingly, my scalp felt SO much better and NO flakes since !!

Ahhh….much better….


That night, I decided to treat my youngest daughter to a scalp treatment.

Myah also has a very dry scalp.

She was so willing, excited and loved her “spa” time.

( I enjoyed the one-on-one time while my other two children were at basketball )


She even said ” this is the best day of my life “

{ not sure if the coconut oil went to her head }


After I treated Myah’s scalp, we washed and conditioned her hair, then made two french braids, per her request.


She was a happy girl and so relaxed.


{ NOTE: the next morning when Myah took out her braids, her hair was still a bit oily. However, her braids had left her hair “curly” and she decided to wear it down saying “my hair looks so pretty”.  The “wet look” didn’t bother her a bit.  I suppose I didn’t wash it thoroughly enough the night before, but it was still all good and my little lady was happy either way. }

I promised a scalp treatment for my other two kiddos when we have some time.

I totally recommend this all-natural treatment.

From itchy to relief,  naturally.


Let me know if you give this a try and how it worked for you.

Oh, and if you haven’t been over to The Mother Huddle, what are you waiting for ?!?




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