Upcycled cable sweater pillows

Maybe you’ve seen these fuzzy, warm pillows before.

Perhaps from Pottery Barn…


Or West Elm…


Or maybe on a blog sharing a tutorial, like the one I found at Knock Off Decor.


{ image via West Elm }

So warm and cozy huh ?!?

And pretty.

Totally makes me want to cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book.

( or a glass of red wine and my daughter’s Kindle,  AFTER 5:00pm of course! )

So I decided to give it a whirl and make my own version of an upcycled cable sweater pillow.

( I just love to upcycle and have more fun projects to share soon )

My tutorial doesn’t show each step, but you’ll get the gist.

Here goes….


I started with this off white cable sweater I found at a local thrift store for only $4.00.

I was thrilled when I found it, it was the exact color I was hoping for.

Size XL too, and the way I looked at it, I was getting more for my money right ?!?


{ FYI ~  I washed and dried my sweater prior to starting this }


I was even more excited, when I realized that the width of my sweater was PERFECT for my 16″ x 20″ pillow insert!

I didn’t have to trim the sides at all.


I just made a cut across the sweater, just below the armpits.




Turned the sweater inside out, placing “right sides” together and stitched across my sweater (the end I cut).

I did round off the edges a bit.


On the “finished” side (bottom, inside part of the sweater), I sewed a strip of velcro so I would be able to remove the cover to wash it.


And that’s that.

Literally, 20 mins.


So what do you think ??

I made another pillow with a sweater I had on hand, adding three buttons, allowing the cover to be removed and washed.

And this one with some pretty fabric I had on hand.


I’ve used this fabric a few times before.

To reupholster a chair back in October.


Also for a yoga bag I made for my Mama’s birthday in November.


I’ll post before and after pics of the chair soon.

Have a wonderful, thrifty weekend folks !




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