Storage/shoe cabinet makeover – harlequin style

While perusing a local thrift shop a few months ago (I know, surprise surprise), I came across this storage cabinet/bench.


Yup, it was ugly, but I figured with a little paint and elbow grease, this little storage cabinet could quite possibly be pretty.

agree ?!?!?

The price wasn’t steep at $20 bucks, but I decided to skip it anyway.

A month or so later, I went back and noticed that that little cabinet was still there, but moved to the 1/2 off section.

Only $10.

Believe it or not, I still skipped it.

I mean, I’m in the purging mode and trying to get rid of things.

( then why was I there looking around you may ask ?? I don’t know, it’s what I do )

Anyway, I went back later and lucky for me, the little storage cabinet was still there for $10.



I know, it’s kind of old, kind of ugly, not-so-pretty-pine wood, but I saw a use for it and knew it could be something special.

So I paid the lady and packed it into the back of my SUV

The absolute first thing I did when I got it home was clean it, it was pretty dirty.

I also lightly sanded the top and brought inside.


After removing the 4 doors and hardware, I pulled out my paint supplies.

For this piece I used the leftover Pantone paint I had (color ~ Gardenia) and painted 2 good coats.

( I didn’t paint the inside)

I also spray painted the hardware with some white spray paint.

BIG difference….


I was happy, I mean $10 bucks ?!?

While I was working away on the cabinet, I decided it looked pretty sweet in front of our bay window in our kitchen.

This is typically where a ton a shoes and all the kids backpacks land….every.  single.  day.

We did have hooks hanging there for the backpacks, but it always looked so messy and cluttered.

I asked my husband Michael what he thought and he said “wow, it looks so clean in here now !”.

He’s right, it does look SO much better, tidy even.

So with it’s new look, I was happy with our storage/shoe cabinet for my kids shoes and backpacks.


I didn’t love it.

I wasn’t sure about the hardware, as I was trying to be frugal and use what I had.

I also wasn’t sold on the solid white.

Then…I stumbled upon this tutorial from Fox Hollow Cottage, that totally peaked my interest…



Originally I tossed around the idea of a chevron pattern, but I felt it may be too modern for my style and that I may get sick of it sooner than later.

Harlequin just fit.

{ Thanks for this awesome tutorial Shannon ! }

My diamonds are smaller than the tutorial at 9″ x 5″, but I used the same math method ( I’m not a math person either ), and it was pretty easy and didn’t take crazy amounts of time.

Here are some pics of the process, but if you are interested in doing this yourself, you’ve got to follow the awesome step-by-step picture tutorial from Fox Hollow Cottage.

Made this seemingly intimidating process of painting a harlequin pattern a WHOLE lot easier than you would think, it sure did for me !



 I didn’t have a yard stick, so I just the edge of my level to make my pencil lines.


It didn’t take too long to make the harlequin pattern using pencil, but now it was time to paint !

I found it difficult to remember which diamonds to paint green, so when I was ready to paint I just dabbed a touch of color to each diamond with the green paint.

Once all of my green diamonds were painted with a small paintbrush, it was time to draw some lines.

Using the edge of my level and a small tip paintbrush, I painted brownish/gray lines along the edges.



They certainly weren’t perfect, but I didn’t care.


Once all of my lines were painted and dry, I lightly sanded the entire top.


Then waxed over my pattern with Minwax Polising Paste.

I was pretty pleased with the results for sure, so much better!

Whadda ya think ??



New hardware and handles.


I repositioned my new handles, filling the old holes with wood filler and then painting over it.

I thought I would paint numbers on each door, but then I decided not to.


I placed baskets inside the bench to hold the kids backpacks, some shoes and sports equipment.


I also added scrapbook paper to the inside of each door, as inevitably these doors will be left open more so than not.

The paper served two purposes (1) to cover the old holes filled with wood filler; (2) it adds a little pizzaz to the otherwise boring, unpainted interior.

I’m really loving the harlequin pattern, it’s very 3-dimensional and I don’t think I’ll tire of it anytime soon.


I also love that this little bench provides extra seating if needed.


So that’s the makeover of my little $10 bench.

Hope you enjoyed it, come back again soon.




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