Valentine teacher gifts…

Happy Valentine’s Day !!

Hope you are surrounded by those you love dearly today.

I wanted to share the cute Valentine gifts my daughters and I put together for their teachers.

These gifts were honey inspired, as I bought a few small jars of locally made honey from a friend  and a few “bee” items I found at Michaels.

I figured the honey is sweet like candy, yet “a tad bit more sophisticated Dahling”

(in my best British accent).

So here’s what we put together for the teachers.


Pretty, pink, dainty, sweet and Valentine-y.

Just the look we were going for.

heartHere’s how we assembled these gifts.

We started with some pretty teacups and saucers I had tucked away, I thought they would be a pretty accompaniment with the honey.

Then shredded some pink paper with my handy-dandy, plastic, hand-shredder (that works like a charm btw), and placed a small handful into each teacup.


Next, we added our honey jars.

We sprinkled some “xoxo” pink confetti onto each saucer, then wrapped the whole thing with clear cellophane.

I found some cute little wooden honey sticks at the Mill Store, so we tied one to each gift with a pink ribbon.

Our gift wasn’t complete without a pretty tag, so we made up a cute rhyme:


“Here’s a little honey for your tea, for a teacher who’s so kind and as sweet as can bee'”

(silly ?? maybe, but I think it’s cute, the girls did too )



I found some cute bumble bee stickers and bookmarks at Michaels, and put them into a separate clear cellophane bag.

(they were too big to put into the teacups)

Then added this little wooden happ-bee guy…


The girls were excited to bring their gifts into school today to give to their teachers.


I just love that they still love bringing their teachers gifts without being embarrassed…

hope it lasts forever.

Have a wonderful day.




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