Reclaimed wood potting bench

Hope all of you Mom’s enjoyed your Mother’s Day.

It was such a beautiful day here in southeastern Massachusetts.

We all enjoyed being outside most of the day.

We started on the soccer field, followed by a nice mexican lunch with my Mom and Dad, then my husband Michael took the girls on the boat fishing while I played with my new gift.

Yes, my new gift that my sweet, romantic husband gave me for Mother’s Day.

So, my morning started with this…


Then a tear-jerker card and a surprise gift…


Whoop Whoop!!


I was thrilled.

We have talked about getting this drill.

The one we have is old, heavy, doesn’t hold a charge much and just plain stinks.

This is the perfect gift for me, who needs more jewelry anyway  ??

I was SO appreciative and touched that he bought me a tool.  It speaks volumes like ” I get you honey, I appreciate and accept that you want to make things so here you go…go nuts! ” 


Recently I transformed this ugly, worn play structure into a “treehouse” type house for our girls.

I haven’t posted about our treehouse yet because it was a BIG project and I was tired, not to mention it’s been so darn windy and hard to get good pictures, but I will soon.

Anyway, here is what our play structure looked like before I removed all of the wooden sides…


I thought I would use some of this wood on the treehouse, but it turned out that I didn’t need it, so it’s been sitting in a pile just waiting for a project.

And after getting my new lithium power drill I was just itchin’ to make something.

I decided to make a pretty simple, reclaimed potting bench.

I didn’t take pictures along the way, just before and after.

Here is what I stared with…


I quickly looked online for idea’s…via Pinterest and Ana White.

I took design idea’s here and there, but mostly I just winged it and here is how it came out…


I stained and dry brushed here and there, it’s a potting bench so I didn’t take too long on this part…



BTW, my new drill ???


Seriously, if you are in the market for a new power drill, this beauty is SO powerful, light-weight and so easy to work with.

When Michael tried it he was like “wow, it’s like butter”


I added some wooden plant stakes to the back of the bench to act as “lattice”, then added a few old nails to hang tools, etc. on.


I also made a distressed “Bloom where you are planted” sign just to add some inspiration.



I am very pleased with how it all turned out.


Thanks for stopping by.







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