DIY m&m costume

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted much on my blog the past few months ?!?

We had a wonderful summer and I wanted to focus on my kids and enjoying each and everyday with them, so I decided to do just that.

I did miss writing and sharing, but knew once school started (which is has 🙁 ), I would have a lot more time to dedicate to my business and to my blog.

So with that being said, this post is LONG overdue.

By almost ONE year believe it or not !

But with fall and Halloween just around the corner, I decided to finally sit and share with you how I made my youngest daughter’s m&m costume for Halloween 2012.


This m&m costume was completely Myah’s idea, and it was a relatively easy costume to make.

I think Myah made the absolute cutest m&m ever !

So, I didn’t have a pattern to follow but I will try and explain how it was done.

Here was our supply list:

– 2 yards of green felt, or whatever color you choose for your m&m

– 2 yards of white felt (for m&m liner)

– 2 bags of fiber fill (more of less depending on how full you want you m&m

– 1 metal or study plain headband

– Cartoon hands from the costume store (optional)


I started by folding the 2 yards of felt in half.

Next I pinned a piece of yarn to the center of the felt and tied a piece of chalk to the other end.


My very helpful husband made a perfect circle chalk line and I cut it out.




I used the green circle as a pattern to make the white felt circles.  These will be used as the liner.

I sewed around the circle, leaving room for my little girls legs, head and arms and added the white felt liner to both interior sides.

( NOTE: this should have been done BEFORE I sewed the exterior pieces, and after the “m” was sewn on…but live and learn ).

I left an opening between the exterior and the liner to add the fiber fill once the costume is made.


myah-costume1I hemmed to “finish” the areas by Myah’s neck, arms and legs


I printed out the m&m logo and using that, I hand drew a very large “m” and stitched it onto the front of the m&m.




I made a mini stuffed m&m and hot glued it to the metal headband.  I also hot glued green ribbon on the headband.

(sorry I didn’t take pics of these steps).


Once Myah’s m&m was made, we stuffed it to our liking with fiberfill.


Yup, looks plump enough.

Next, I sewed the openings where we added the fiberfill and Myah was one happy m&m !


We found some cute cartoon hands at the costume store that were a perfect addition to this costume.



That’s one pleased little girl.

Myah was so excited to wear this costume for her school Halloween parade and for Trick-o-Treating.


After Halloween, I ripped an opening between the exterior and liner to take out the fiberfill to store the costume.

This was such a fun costume to make and definitely friendly on the wallet.

I’m currently working on my older daughter’s costume for this Halloween, which I’m also making with felt.

I will post pics as soon as it’s done.

Thanks for stopping by !




6 thoughts on “DIY m&m costume

  1. How do you know how big to make the circle? I’m trying to make a this costume for my 4 year old daughter and I can’t seem to get it not too be or too small.

  2. I’m using this pattern to make a Jigglypuff Costume and I finally have the face done, but I’m not sure how you do the lining. Do you sew it like a pillow, meaning sewing with right sides together and then turn it out or do sew wrong sides together and leave it?
    And I didn’t quite understand what you meant by,
    “I sewed around the circle, leaving room for my little girls legs, head and arms and added the white felt liner to both interior sides.
    ( NOTE: this should have been done BEFORE I sewed the exterior pieces, and after the “m” was sewn on…but live and learn ).
    Sorry to bug you again, but I’m petrified I will ruin the costume.

    1. Hi there, no worries at all! I am trying to remember, it was long ago. I made two linings for the front and the back of the costume. Sewed almost all the way around but left an opening for the fiberfill. Then, with the “right sides” together, sew around the circle, leaving space for the legs. I hope this helps ?? I would love to see your finished costume!

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for posting this! My nephew has wanted to be a “Reese’s Piece” for Halloween and I had no idea how I would pull it off until I saw your post. 🙂 I’ve got the logo made out of felt and I have my orange and white circles cut out…now just trying to figure out how to put it all together. (I’ll be hand-stitching, BTW – never one to back down from a challenge! Binge-watching/sewing, here I come!) Anyway, you partly answered my question in your response to Alexie’s question, but I want to double-check so I don’t mess it up! Sounds like I’m going to stitch the liner to the colored felt separately for each half FIRST (leaving room to stuff), then put them back-to-back with fronts facing and stitch both halves together, leaving an opening for the neck, arms, and legs. Right? Do both legs come out of the same hole? I can’t tell from the photos, but I’m hoping that’s the deal or it will be pretty darn tricky to put it on! And did you leave the opening for the fiber fill in the same place that you left the opening for one of the body parts? Or does it matter? Thanks for your help and for the FABULOUS idea!

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