Lighted marquee letter

I love incorporating typography, letters and numbers in home decor such as this….

pottery barn m

{ photo ~ Pottery Barn }


ballard letters

{ photo ~ Ballard Designs }



{ photo my blog post here }



{ driftwood E A T letters I made for our kitchen }

I also really LOVE the oversized lighted marquee letters I’ve seen all over Pinterest and other DIY blogs like these…


{ via Pinterest }


{ via Pinterest }

However, being so oversized I’ve always thought,  ” so cool, but where on earth would I hang one of these ?? “

An oversized letter is not something I could envision hanging over our mantel or even our bed for that matter.

So after just recently semi-refinishing a small area of our basement…our dark, dirty, scary, spider-webbed, 1950’s basement….I knew that would be the perfect spot !

{ I’ll post photos of our basement soon }

If you follow DIY blogs, I’m sure you know Tatertots and Jello.

I mean, who doesn’t ??!?! Jen has the best ideas, style and her tutorials are down-right awesome.


{ photo ~ Tatertots and Jello }

I fell in love with her outdoor lighted marquee tutorial and thought this was a great inspiration for me to start my own marquee letter.

Here’s how I made my lighted marquee letter M.


I will first start by asking this….how lucky am I that I just happened to stumble upon a plywood oversized “M” at Savers !!??!!!


I know, totally meant to be.

At least that’s what I kept repeating in my head as I nearly knocked people over reaching for it.

{ no, not really, but I thought it made my story more interesting.  I did however keep repeating the “this was so meant to be…this was so meant to be” } 

Best part ??  It was only 99 cents !!

what…what ???        what….what ???

Yes indeed !  Now I didn’t have to cut my letter myself…perfect !


It was certainly ugly and not sure what it may have been used for, but I didn’t care.

Again….99 cents !!


So instead of trying to sand off all of that yellow and black paint which I think was oil based paint, I decided flipping it over would be my best bet.


I sanded off as much of the yellow drips I could, and didn’t care much about the little I couldn’t get.

I painted, sanded and glazed the entire letter.

After it was completely dry, I marked where I wanted my lights to go, trying to space out as evenly as I could.

I didn’t have a 10 strand set of outdoor lights, mine was 24 lights.

I figured I would used what looks right as far as spacing and then tape up the others with electrical tape.

I didn’t have a fancy drill bit like Jen so I used this….


Took me a few times before I got the sizing right.

Time to add lighting.

Working from the back, I went bulb by bulb holding up the wire in the back, then screwing the round bulbs through the front.


I found a few holes weren’t allowing my bulbs to make a connection so I had to make the holes a little wider.


Using eye hooks and wire, I hung the “M” from the ceiling in our basement.

It looks so great all lit up as you enter the newly redesigned space and I really love how it looks against the painted cinderblocks.

Kinda like a city feel don’t ya think ??


 And that’s how I did it.

Again, the before and after…


Somewhat of an easy project right ???  ‘specially since I didn’t have to cut anything out !!

{ still can’t believe my luck that day } 

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