Headless lady costume

My eight-year-old has chosen cute and sweet (literally) costumes for Halloween the past couple of years.


 ( Halloween 2011)


( Halloween 2012)

But this year Myah wanted scary.  And although she didn’t have anything specific in mind, Myah knew she wanted to scare people ( like mother, like daughter ).

I surfed the web for ideas, and came across several awesomely scary and cleaver headless costume ideas and tutorials.

I loved this one….


( via costume-works.com)

and LOVED this cutie and tutorial I found via jill and the little crown

headless bride

 Love the mice too !!

When I showed Myah these costumes, she was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get started on hers !

We made our torso similar to how we made our life-size mummy’s a couple years ago.


Instead of duck taping myself for this costume, which would have been nearly impossible to do since I was home alone at the time, I used my body form as my body double.

We wanted the headless lady to be a woman, not a little girl.

{ like that makes this completely inappropriate costume any better ?!?!?  It just felt like it did  )


I cut the torso from the body form and duck taped it up the back and stuffed it with newspaper.

Time for paper mache!


  I LOVE working with paper mache even though it is super messy.  It’s just so much fun to use !

I like the 1 part flour to 5 parts water stovetop recipe the best.

You can find more about this recipe here.

So after a few layers of paper mache, followed by layer of this ultimate paper mache clay recipe, which actually uses a whole roll of T.P., our torso was rock solid !


We stuffed and duck taped the arms to where the hands would be.  This way, they were still movable and able to be placed together just under where Myah’s head will be (see below).

We sanded all of the rough parts of our torso and it was ready to paint.


I painted the first coat using white paint, then mixed some colors together to get the “flesh” color.

Time to paint the neck…icky!


This part actually made me a bit ill, it looked pretty gross which was perfect !

We used a backpack, some wooden dowels and lots of duck tape and positioned the torso.

We had to adjust it to sit just above Myah’s head so we propped it up high.


Lots and lots of duck tape !  I swear you could build a house with this stuff !



(In the end, we used another backpack because this one was just too big and heavy)

I found the perfect dress for our lady at Savers for only $3.99 and also a long pair of white gloves for her hands/arms.  We stuffed her hands slightly with fiberfill.

I sewed two of the fingers together to ensure they stayed put under Myah’s chin.


We added more blood and detail to the neck per my husbands request.



We had to cut a hole in the dress where Myah could stick her head out.


We also cut slits in the side seams so Myah can have her hands free for Trick or Treating.

Myah is SO happy with her costume and loves putting it on.

It’s actually not too heavy and it’s on and off in a jiffy.

Funny, I made an “illusion-type” of costume for my son when he was 8 too !

Found the idea in a Family Fun magazine.

He loved it and was a big hit at the Boy Scout Halloween party.


{ Halloween 2003 } 


He’ll turn 17 next month.

Myah is ready and in character for Halloween.


What costumes have inspired you this year ??  In the past ??

I would love to hear !

Have a safe and happy Halloween !!





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