Happy Valentines Day !

Happy Valentines Day !!

Hope you’re enjoying this day celebrating with all of the ones you LOVE.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you may know that I just love making gifts and just about anything handmade, Valentines Day is no exception.

I wanted to show my husband how much I truly love him without purchasing something at a store.

After searching Pinterest, I decided to make him a little book titled the “ABC’s of my LOVE for Michael”.

Each page has a letter (in alphabetical order of course) with corresponding words and phrases that describe Michael and/or my love for him.

Yes, it’s a bit (A LOT) mushy but can I tell you how much he LOVED and appreciated all of the thought that went into this gift ??

Really !

He truly loved it, which of course made me smile.

( I got a new blade for the miter saw and the beautiful red tulips you see in the picture )


We decided to give Girl Scout cookies to the teachers and we made a cute little tag to tie to the packages.

  We chose Thanks a Lots, which goes without saying.

We just LOVE our teachers !!


Wishing you love and happiness.

Happy Valentine’s Day !!



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