Reclaimed wood raised garden

{………I’m back after so long!  I can’t believe how long it’s actually been since I’ve posted anything!

It’s crazy, but I’m determined to get back into the swing of things.  I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything fun or creative,

I just haven’t made the time to sit and share anything on my blog.  I have many pending draft posts that I really want to share like my

girls new beach-inspired bedroom, a bunk bed I made from 2 twin beds, our basement makeover, etc.  I’ll get to it someday……..}


Anyway, with the warmer weather here and folks getting ready to start their gardens, I just had to share with you a recent project I’m very excited about.

I’m actually BEYOND excited !

We now have a real (small) garden with fresh veggies growing in our yard !

I’ve been planting herbs and some small vegetables in wine boxes on our deck for several years now that has always worked out perfectly.

But this year, I wanted to be able to grow more of a variety of vegetables.

The wine crate idea was the PERFECT solution for our smaller space (our deck), and we were always very lucky to have an abundance of healthy herbs and lettuce, etc.

Plus, having the crates just outside our front door on our deck, made cutting herbs for our meals very convenient.

Here’s a link to my original post if you’re interest.

{ I can’t tell you how many times this picture has been pinned on Pinterest, but it’s been A LOT }





Because I’ve especially enjoyed having fresh herbs throughout the summer, I knew this year would be no exception.

And with my desire for a larger garden to grow a larger variety of vegetables, I knew I needed to find a larger gardening area.

This was tricky in our yard, as we have a smaller yard which is already taken up with flower gardens, our patio, shed, a play yard, etc.

It was also tricky to find a spot that got lots of sunshine throughout the day, and one not too far from our garden hose for daily watering.

After searching Pinterest for ideas and surveying our land, I decided a raised garden up along one side of our fence would be the perfect solution.

I got started right away with my planning and my building.

I didn’t spend a cent on the construction, as I was able to use all reclaimed wood scraps as well as cedar fencing that my Dad had given me last summer.

{ I’ve made several of these beach-inspired flags with the cedar fencing as well as other things over the past year…thanks DAD ! }


I figured a raised garden may help keep out any pesty critters, and possibly make it easier for me to work in the garden throughout the season.

Less bending = a healthier back.


I decided to use the wooden wall and fence to help stabilize my structure.

I didn’t take pics along the way, but it’s a pretty basic plan.

I started with a long narrow piece of plywood for the base of my structure.  The plywood was just under 2′ wide and 12′ long.

I attached some beefy wooden legs and framed out the garden, all with scraps I found in our wood pile.

To build up the walls, I used pieces of cedar fencing.

Once my structure was built, I drilled several drain holes in the plywood then lined the entire inside with gardening fabric.


Time to add the garden soil.  I used about 12 cubic feet.

{ again, the size of my garden is 2′ x 12′ }

Next up….planting !

I had NO idea what veggies to get, or how many of each to plant so I just kind of chose things that I knew we loved and that we could eat over and over all summer-long.

Thankfully my kiddos also love vegetables!  I had a hard time narrowing which ones to plant.

I think I may have over planted, but if so I can just move some things to another pot.

I added some larger pieces of driftwood to the fence to eventually act as a trellis for climbing veggies like cucumbers, green beans, peppers, sugar snap peas, etc.

Here’s how our little garden looks now….


Broccoli, sweet peppers, zucchini…

gardenEvery little garden deserves a cute sign…


Our sugar snap peas are sprouting nicely….


We have a boat-load variety of lettuce….

garden-boatAnd lots and lots of herbs…


This garden chair holds a pot of basil…


Tomatoes and more lettuce, Romaine…


My daughter Myah loves turtles so we put this cute little guy in the pot with her cabbage from school….


You can never have enough basil….


I put this pallet garden together prior to the garden idea.

Yes, more herbs and of course lettuce !!


I cannot believe how quickly things are growing!

Everything looks very healthy so I’m hopeful that we will have a very plentiful season of fresh herbs and veggies to enjoy and to share with family and friends.

I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy your Sunday !!


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