Two twin beds made into a bunk bed ~ my girls new nautical/beach-inspired room

** I originally started this post in March of 2014, but have taken a break from my blog for the past year.  I am excited to be back and to start blogging again. **


Having two daughters share a room can be challenging.

Add in a 12-pitch slanted ceiling into the mix and it’s REALLY challenging.

I’ve tried several design options over the years, but none of them seemed to work.

For example, this pretty 4-post antique bed I refinished a few years back…


I just love this bed, but the posts were way too high for the slanted ceiling….it now takes up space in our basement.

Up until recently, my daughters have had a full size and a twin size bed sitting on the floor in their room.

No frame, no head board or foot board.

My girls didn’t complain (much) about this, but their room always looked disheveled and messy to me and I wanted their space to be pretty, girly and inviting.

A place they could call their own, they’re proud of, and one that also reflects their personalities and styles.

I’ve been looking on-line for room designs, pinning ideas from Pinterest and pretty much decided that a bunk/loft bed with extra storage would be perfect for this challenging room.

Oh, did I mention that the closet they share is a VERY small one ?? About the size of a traditional linen closet so storage has also been an issue for us.

The perfect scenario would be a twin over full bunk or something similar since we already had both a twin and full size mattress.

Well, low-and-behold….

You can imagine my surprise and giddy excitement, when I stumbled upon these two solid wood twin beds while browsing a local ReStore shop.



BEST part ???  There were even storage drawers for each bed ~ 8 drawers in total !


They were priced at $75 a piece, but I got them for $70 each.


I was shocked they both actually fit into my SUV too !!

Sure, they weren’t perfect but with a little paint and TLC they could be beautiful.




Of course I got started right away.

I painted the entire bed using homemade chalk paint.

Here is the recipe I used.




My girls just adore the ocean, beach and pretty much anything to do with the sea.  They requested a nautical/beach theme which made decorating and designing lots of fun!

I painted some stripes on the drawers in a pretty blue.



And added some rope pulls…

girls-dresser-drawersI also painted an anchor and their names onto each storage door.



Now time to extend the bottom bed into a full-size bed.

This would be really hard to explain how I did this step by step, but here are some pictures…







My daughters and I thought maps would be a neat touch to one of their walls.

I purchased each map here.


I wrapped each side rail with sisal rope for more nautical flair.

Their walls were all painted, as well as one of their dressers.

I also made them faux distressed wood rope shelves.





Using decoupage, we added some beachy pictures to the top of this night stand.




I made two faux capiz shell chandeliers to hang in each dormer.



I found this pretty blue patterned rug at Lowes.

(cheap, like under $50 and it’s an 8’x10′)




Made two cushions and several nautical, squishy throw pillows for their window seats.


I hung some gauzy drapes using pieces of driftwood in a draped fashion.

 I’ll post how I made the chandeliers using wax paper and a round paper punch, very easy and they are SO pretty, especially lit.


These cute metals lights came from Ikea, the BEST store in the world !


 So that’s that !  My girls just love their room and were beyond excited with the change.

I really enjoyed this entire process because I know how much they appreciate all of the thought and work that went into it.

Thank you for stopping by.

Be well.



3 thoughts on “Two twin beds made into a bunk bed ~ my girls new nautical/beach-inspired room

      1. Did you use a block sander pad to do this? What kind of grit?
        What sheen paint did you use? And, did you do a coat of poly afterwards? I am in the middle of painting our bunks just like yours. I didn’t paint my turquoise accent color with white underneath.. 🙁 it is quite a feat to do all this painting!

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