Old dresser drawer revamp

Okay, it was really strange.

Last week when I was out and about in my town, there, sitting in a giant snow bank was an antique dresser drawer.

Just one drawer.

 No dresser.

No other drawers.

Weird right ?!?


I passed by bewildered, as I continued my errand run.   But I just couldn’t stop thinking of that darn drawer and all of neat things I could do with it !

So I told myself that if the drawer was still there on my way home, I would grab it.

Well, it was and I did.

Here is what it looked like….


It certainly needed to be cleaned and one of the knobs was missing.


The drawer fit perfectly under my side of the bed, so there it sat for several days.

I was thinking of lining it, and maybe using it as extra storage for my socks, hats, etc.

Today, I had a better idea.

As I was picking up our living room, annoyed with all of the clutter that accumulates in the small spot between our 2 sofas the idea came to me.

Now, this spot was the home to a pretty antique cabinet for years, but during Christmas-time my husband and I moved the cabinet up to our bedroom in order to make room for our Christmas tree.

After Christmas once the tree was gone, I realized how much I enjoyed having that space freed up.

But, like most empty spaces in our house, something inevitably gets left there like board games, pillows, blankets, yogibos, etc.

It looked cluttered and messy.

That’s were my lonely snow bank drawer steps in to solve this issue.

Here’s what I did.

I started with (4) 14″ unfinished table legs I found at Lowes.


 And 4 top plates (I had no idea these even existed until the girl at Lowes told me about them!)


These are great and made adding legs to my drawer a cinch.

Well…I did run into a small snafu, but it was an easy fix.


My screws were longer than the base of my drawer and were exposed inside the drawer.

The remedy ??  I just cut 4 pieces of scrap wood and added them to each inside corner.

Not only did these small pieces of wood solve my exposed screw problem, they also added a little extra stability.


Once the hardware was attached, I simply screwed on the legs.



Although the drawer would most likely always be full of something, I still wanted to line it.

I chose a nautical fabric I had on-hand and stapled in place with my staple gun.




I stained all 4 legs with Minwax wood stain, color – Special Walnut.

I wanted to make the drawer look chippy and old (because it is old).  I decided on a soft, pale yellow and only painted the front of the drawer.

(I painted a thin layer of distressed crackle glaze to the drawer prior to painting it yellow)

When the drawer was completely dried, I gave it a light sanding.  A LOT
of paint chipped off which wasn’t intentional, but I decided I liked it that way.



I sealed the paint with Minwax finishing paste.


Here’s the finished piece.


It fits perfectly in the small spot.


And the board games can hide out of sight underneath.


This was a quick and very easy project and I love how it came out.

So…learn from me.

If YOU ever come across an old dresser drawer sitting all alone in a giant snow bank, or anywhere else for that matter, I suggest grabbing it.

The possibilities are endless !

Just search Pinterest, you’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by.



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