Reclaimed wood coffee table


Years ago, when we had three small children running around our home, two of which were toddlers, my husband and I decided to remove the large wooden coffee table from our living room.  Those wobbling-little- toddler-girls scared the life out of me and the thought of them hitting their sweet little heads on our hard, wooden table terrified both of us.

Well, those toddlers are now 11 and 12 and have been plenty old enough for years to add a coffee table to our living room without the fear of them hurting themselves.  We just haven’t done it.

Recently I’ve been on a slight mission to find a coffee table that fits our taste, isn’t too large and is easy to move if needed.  I’ve always envisioned the wooden/metal industrial chic look and my dream was to actually make something myself.

On a recent trip to Savers, I found this pretty hideous gold and laminate wooden table. It was only $10.00 and I knew that to buy casters this large would certainly cost well over $10 a piece.  I bought the table for the wheels and my coffee table project was underway.

All of the wood, aside from the 4″x4″ base pieces are reclaimed cedar fencing that was given to me by my Dad.  I didn’t take pictures throughout the process, but it took me about 2 days because I didn’t have plans and some of my initial ideas didn’t work out.  Yes, I should have been more focused on Christmas and ordering calendars and cards, but once I’m in my zone there really isn’t any stopping me.


I haven’t completely decided on a finish for the table, but have several nautical ideas floating around my head.  However, I WILL wait until after Christmas to make that happen.

For now, my husband and I are very pleased with our new-mobile-industrial-chic-coffee-table !


Here she is….






Here is another cute little chair I found at Savers.  I bought it with the idea of refinishing it for my adorable great-niece Maeve.  It was a big hit and sweet Maeve was very happy with her little chair.



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