Repainted table and chairs

We bought this petite black table (with 3 chairs) several years ago for our 3 kids.

black table

This little set sits in front of the Television in our Living Room, where my kids sometimes eat their weekend breakfast and watch a show, and where I spend almost every night doing something creative with my hands; sewing, crafting, painting, hand-stamping metal, painting my nails, etc.

I painted this table a few years back.  You can find the original post here.

table after

But, with just about anything in our home,  I eventually want a change.

After seeing these colorful chairs at my daughters dental office, I knew I wanted to paint our set similarly.


So here is my version.

Chair before….




IMG_7433  IMG_7430



Once painted, distressed, I sealed everything with wax and buffed to hard, durable finish.

I’m very pleased with how this set came out.  The best part ?!?  I doesn’t show anything on this finish, making it perfect for a girl who loves making a mess !

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