My DIY Barefoot Sandals

My husband and I will be heading off to Ochos Rios, Jamacia in a few weeks (alone) and I am beyond excited to get some warm sunshine on my pasty white body.  I’m packing light, only taking a carry-on with mostly beach attire; swimsuits, cover-ups, sandals, beach hats, etc.

Have you seen the totally cool “barefoot sandals” floating around Pinterest ?!?  There are so many options and I just love them all!

They’re the perfect footwear for any beach-related venue including weddings, vacations, a day at the beach, kickin’ around town, etc.

barefoot sandals
Image via Pinterest
beach barefoot sandals
Image via Pinterest

I know right ?!?  Aren’t they just awesome ?!?  I almost ordered a pair off of Etsy, but decided to try and make a couple of pairs myself, using only supplies that I had in my craft stash.  You can be certain that I will be making many, many more pairs to come ! My two daughters both fell in love with them and want a pair ASAP !

So here are my first two pairs.  I am pretty psyched !  I can totally see myself wearing these to Body Flow and to Yoga as well!

(please ignore my desperate need for a pedicure :P).

FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 5

FullSizeRender 6


FullSizeRender 7

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 4

So what do you think ??  Can you see yourself wearing these rad barefoot sandals??

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