DIY – Cable spool clocks!

I’ve been pretty MIA lately here on my blog and it’s not because I have nothing to share with you. Quite the opposite actually.  There’s just been a lot going on, I haven’t made the time to sit and share.

Today, I want to share a DIY project I did a few weeks back.  I have connections (wink, wink) to free wood, pallets, and these awesomely large, round wooden disks.  They are from wooden cable spools.  If you’re not sure what those are, imagine a sewing spool and times it by a million.  They are very big and cable or wire wrap around the base.  Funny, I didn’t go to my-free-wood-source for these disks at all, I was actually in search of pallets for a few projects I had in the works.  “In the works” actually means “In my brain”…I had nothing going on.

Do you like scoring free stuff ??  OMG I do!  I swear when I see the word “FREE” next to just about anything my pulse quickens.

I get so excited.

I act very fast.

Then, and only then I think…why the hell did I bring this home ?!?

Thank God my husband is so accepting of this personality flaw of mine.

Love you Michael. heart

I came home with half a dozen disks.

Prior to my clock making, I successfully completed is this rustic outdoor tiki-esque bar made with some of the pallets I scored.


It’s more nautical-inspired than Polynesian, but you get the idea.  My goal was to use materials I had on hand and with that became my nautical theme.  This bar essentially cost me zilch!  Yup, zero cash-ola!   I’ll post separately about the pallet bar, sorry I got side-tracked.

Back to my clocks…

So here is what the cable spool disks looked like the day I brought them home.


They are pretty large at 2 feet round and are very heavy!  I’ve seen so many ideas via Pinterest using these wooden disks.  I settled on making a faux “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” -inspired outdoor clock to go with our new pallet bar.

I started by sanding and staining the disk.  There were several imperfections in the wood but I didn’t care.  I cut the numbers in vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  Once the stain was completely dry I put the numbers in place.



Next, I painted just the outside of the clock with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, then dark and clear waxed and sanded.  I wanted a very rustic look so I heavily distressed the entire piece once the vinyl letters were removed.  I tried hand-painting the clock hands originally, but I didn’t love it.  I looked around our house and came across some perfect driftwood pieces.  These driftwood “hands” were perfect and fit right in with our nautical pallet bar!




I was so pleased with the way this outdoor clock came out, I started right away on another!  This one was made similarly, but I reversed the colors keeping the numbers white and stain for the base.  I also added a nautical chart element.  I have yet to find the right clock hands or mechanics, but so far here is what I have…






So, those are my free cable spool clocks and a glimpse of my outdoor pallet bar.  I have a few other ideas cooking that I’m very excited to share with you, including my 2 daughters bedroom update (yet again), using pallets!

Thanks for stopping by!



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