DIY Yoga bolster and eye pillows

I’m at the tail end of my 6-month, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) YAY!!! It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m so happy I decided to do this…finally.

Anyway, accessories like bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps, etc. can get pricey, especially since I want EVERYTHING to stock up on to eventually teach my own yoga classes ūüôā

I’ve been known to hoard tuck lots of fabric away so I figured why not give it a¬†try and make my own bolster to practice with at home.

I started here at¬†this great blog ¬†for instructions and they were perfect, easy to follow directions and my bolster came out very solid and very BIG! ¬†I stuffed it using old t-shirts, a jersey dress I didn’t want anymore, socks, towels, scrap fabric, etc. ¬†You can’t believe how much I got into this baby! ¬† It’s a beauty and is perfect for those yin poses like yin fish, ahhhhh, one of my favorites.




I made these soft, flowery eye pillows using beautiful, vintage handkerchiefs I’ve had squirreled away for a rainy day. ¬†¬†The handkerchief acts as the pillow cover and is removable so that I’ll be able to wash them¬†after use. ¬†For the pillow insert, I just used a white cotton fabric cut to about 4″ x 9″ and filled with about a cup of flax seeds and about a 1/3 cup of dried french lavender buds. ¬†I must say they have a wonderful feel/weight to them, and smell AMAZING! ¬†I’m so excited to use these for my own yoga classes and with my small towel warmer I scored recently from a friend, I envision warm lavender eye pillows after a stretchy, challenging yoga practice making savasana extra yummy, cozy and comforting. ¬†I just¬†can’t wait to share these!

Here are the¬†first pillows I made. ¬†I used a colorful¬†silky blouse I didn’t quite love. ¬†I really do LOVE the print, but I’ve never been much of a “print person”. ¬†Anyway, after making 8 of them I realized I can’t remove the cover for washing. ¬†Duh!! Oh well, live and learn.


Here are the pretty, lacy handkerchief pillows.


The colors, the prints and delicate detail of these vintage lovelies makes me sigh.


Flax seeds and french lavender buds……oh yeah!!




My two daughters¬†finding their zen…


Are you ready to get your Namaste on ?!?  I am!

Be well.



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