Resolutions ~ Pantry redo (times two!)

Happy New Year 2017.  Yes, I understand it’s been weeks since January 1st and 4 months since I’ve written and/or shared anything on my blog.

New year.  New resolutions.  New goals.  New perspective.  Objectives, dreams, personal growth and so on and so on.   For me personally, I am always trying to find ways to make our lives at home better. Easier. Happier.

If I’m being completely honest I’m tired.  I’m tired of having the weight of clutter on my shoulders.  I’m tired of always picking up.  I’m tired and I don’t want to complain or nag at my kids all of the time.

 Life is too short.

So it’s a new year and it’s winter.  At times a beyond bitter cold New England winter, which makes it a perfect time to focus on what could be done inside our home to make our lives simpler.

For our family, this means some major organizing, decluttering, minimizing, purging, etc. because we are all guilty of holding on to things we just don’t need.  It’s a constant, daily battle, a major time waster and stressful for all of us.  Seriously, who wants to spend countless hours a year searching for things like a team jersey, riding pants, the other Converse high top (yes, it’s missing).   As I’m sure any Mom can relate to, why the heck am I expected to know where everything is ?!?  Seems like 100 times a day I hear the same question, “Mom, where is my ………….. ?!? ” And how DO we actually know where everything is ?!?  Talk about enabling our kids right ?!?  Well, I like to think that it’s a super power of mine, sounds much better than enabler.

Moving on….

I decided to start making life easier in the busiest room in our home, the kitchen.

So, our pantry is located in the corner nook of our kitchen.  It isn’t very big, about the size of a standard closet.  Now I’m not complaining, I feel very fortunate to have this pantry to store canned goods, non-perishable groceries, paper products, etc., etc.  The problem with this pantry from the beginning has been the depth of the shelving.  It’s too damn deep! Everything inevitably gets pushed to the back and sometimes completely forgotten about leaving us scrambling through dozens of items to find (or not) what we are looking for and getting pissed frustrated. Oh, not to mention the expired, wasted food.  It was almost impossible to actually know what we needed each time I went grocery shopping, making that chore even more exciting….NOT!

Several years ago is when I did my first pantry update.  Yeah, in hindsight it was basically making what we had appear to be more tidy, but not actually solving the problem.  It actually may have made matters worse with that darn little curtain I attached to the bottom shelf, allowing us to just hide shit things behind it and fuhgeddaboudit.

See for yourself.  This is my 2012 pantry update.

(pantry makeover 2012)


Better, yes.  But didn’t solve anything.

And now.  Here is how are pantry looked when I started this new remodel.


YIKES !! Right ?!?

This little sliding door ALWAYS remained open too!  I was constantly closing it myself or saying “CLOSE THE DAMN PANTRY DOOR” to my adorable, sweet kids because they NEVER closed it and I was beyond embarrassed to let anyone see what shape it was in.

Time to make a major change.

I started by removing EVERYTHING including all of the shelving and tossed anything old, expired and anything we didn’t use or need.


I painted all of the walls using Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone.

Of course, after I finished painting all of the walls I found this faux brick wallpaper at Target that I fell in love with. You really do have to touch it to tell that it’s not real brick.

Instead of trying to cut the existing shelves without a table saw, I went to Lowes and bought 8-foot pine boards in 1″x 8″ and 1″x 12″ and started cutting the shelving.  For the corners, I used L-brackets and the other flat kind of brackets (not sure of the name ?!?).

It was a pretty easy task especially since I used the original wood the builders had attached to the walls which held our old shelving.

After a day and a half of work, our new functional pantry was ready!

Here is how it looks today.

I used faux beadboard wallpaper for the ceiling which I already had on had and a placed a wire basket on the builders light.

I bought this pallet-looking bin from Home Depot a long time ago and it’s perfect for holding our potatoes.

A Farm Fresh Eggs sign I made a couple of years ago adds to the farm-house kitchen feel.

I painted the pantry door 2 years ago in a robins blue-ish chalk paint.

So that’s our new kitchen pantry.

I am so thrilled with the results and know that this time it will stay well cared for.  I don’t even want to close the pantry door anymore.  Every time I look at it, I smile.

Our cute, little farm house pantry in our home by the sea.

I’m in love.

Thank you for visiting.


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