New mantel from beach wood

One of the perks of being a dog walker is that it gets me outside walking.  Rain or shine, snow, sleet or hail, I’m outside walking cute dogs.  I can’t tell you how much I love doing what I do, walking and spending time with precious animals.   It’s been hugely beneficial for me over that past 5 months both physically and mentally.

Dogs are amazing creatures who have actually taught me a lot about life and about myself (I’ll write about this another time).  And we all know that the benefits of walking in regards to health and well-being are endless!  Walking in nature can also be an exciting treasure hunt, especially for a thrifty DIY-er like myself.

On a recent dog walk along a local beach, I came across a piece of wood faced down in the marsh.  It wasn’t too big, about 3′ x 12″, but I was intrigued and decided to go check it out. When  I flipped the very heavy piece of wood over I noticed it wasn’t your typical driftwood, rather a perfectly aged, chippy slab of weathered wood.   YESSSS!

Once I finished my walks for the day,  I drove back to the beach and loaded that gorgeous hunk of beach wood into my SUV.  This time my girls were with me and my oldest daughter said: “Mom, I don’t know any other moms that do this”.  Elle is 14 but she didn’t say this with that typical teenage you’re-so-embarrassing-me-attitude rather, her words had more of a you’re-a-pretty-cool-mom feel.   Well, at least that’s how I interpreted her words so I smiled and off we drove.

I pretty much knew right away that I would make this newly found treasure into a shelf, the question was where ?!?  After some measuring around the house, I decided to replace the small mantel hanging on the stone fireplace in our living room.

I didn’t take a before picture of our existing mantel that day, but here is what we had.

It’s a Pottery Barn ledge shelf that I painted several times, glazed and added decorative finials.  I’ve really loved our mantel and it has served its purpose year after year, holiday after holiday holding whatever decorations were in season.

However, lately I’ve been wanting to replace this mantel with something more natural and my idea was to find a slab of old, reclaimed wood.  How perfect!

Here is our new natural repurposed mantel.  The only thing I did to it before hanging this was adding v-shaped brackets and 2 eye-hooks and voilà !

So much better, natural and look at the chippy paint!  LOVE IT!

Perfectly weathered in all the right places.

So what do you think ??

I’m thrilled at how our new mantel looks, so beachy, natural and rustic.

You can bet that I will keep my eyes open for any other treasures during my dog walking gigs.

Thanks for stopping by!

Be well.




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