Halloween Fun 2017

We’ve had 2 very fun weekends filled with Halloween shenanigans.  Seriously, we danced so much last weekend, I’m still nursing my poor feet back to some resemblance of what they once were.

The first party was for a fundraiser at a local hotel.  The costumes were AMAZING!! So much creativity and originality! Many were even downright frightening.

I haven’t had much free time lately to make new costumes, so I decided to resurrect some from 3 years ago.  I was a Mermaid (I did end up remaking the top), and my husband was a fisherman.  Easy!

Here we were before the party with some friends.

Some crazy, awesome friends.  We laughed, danced and had so much fun!

This past weekend we hosted our annual Halloween party.  Yes, it’s always a lot of time/work to decorate our home, etc. but I truly love this silly night with friends and family and, it’s our tradition.  My girls are huge on tradition and love inviting new and old friend’s every year.  This year we had a lot of tweens/teens, but they still had blast in the bouncy house.  Late night, a bunch of adults even enjoyed jumping and laughing in the inflatable fun house.  I guess you’re never too old!

For our costumes, I literally lucked out and happened to find a red bodysuit the day before our party so I could put together our costumes.  What are the darn chances of that ?!?

My husband was a yoga guy, his shirt read NAMASTE.  I was a female wrestler, my bodysuit read NAMASLAY.  I know, quite dorky but I couldn’t stop laughing at Michaels man bun, he was such a good sport!

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the wording in vinyl, they held up amazingly well!

Ooooh, a man bun!

Some liquid eyeliner worked perfectly for my husbands OM and peace sign tattoos.

Another one for the books!

We are all excited for tomorrows festivities!

Until then.

Happy Halloween!!



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