A vanity for my teen and two swivel chair makeovers

My daughter Elle turned 14 last March. She’s a very artistic girl. Crazy good actually.  She loves to draw, paint, doodle, etc.  Her new passion, or “canvas” as she likes to remind me is doing makeup.  She especially loves doing her friends makeup, special effects makeup and will even do mine on the occasional date night with my husband.

This young lady has more makeup than I do.  Certainly much nicer, more expensive pallets too with the “best pigment ever”, as Elle so often tells me.

So it only seemed fitting to encourage my daughter to continue her passion for doing makeup and her desire to create, leading me to her surprise birthday makeup station.

My girls have long since outgrown their bunk beds.  We’ve updated their room with 2 queen size beds, allowing me to move the storage drawers that were under their bunk bed to use as the vanity part of this gift.

Surprisingly, the drawers fit pretty perfectly in the space.

I only had to cut the very top of the drawer to fit where the ceiling slants.  I added a wooden top and a frameless full-length mirror for that glamour effect.

The lighted mirror was the “wow” of this gift.  I used their existing mirror and just drilled holes around the entire frame of the mirror.  I added a set of lights to the back of the mirror and the bulbs held them in place perfectly.  Similar to the lighted marquee light I made a few years ago.

I also bought Elle some makeup (of course) and some acrylic makeup containers.  This “shine from the inside out” is a loving reminder to my daughters, that beauty truly does come from within.

Some mini polaroid pics of friends and family.

Elle loved her present and was very, very appreciative.  She understands the thought and the love that goes into creating something special for someone you love.

Oh, almost forgot about the chairs.  These came from Savers sometime last year.

After I painted, distressed, stenciled and clear and dark waxed…

Nautical, shabby and worn.


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