Our home

We live in Kingston, a small ocean community on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

In 2000 my husband and I purchased a little cottage in a small waterfront community.

We had a dream of making this small, grey cottage our dream home.

After several years, and many construction projects later, we can finally say that we have indeed, made that little cottage our dream home.

Here are some pictures of the transformation.

Our home in 2000.

And now…

And as much as we love our home, the truth is this.

Even if we still lived in that little grey cottage by the sea.

We would still feel so incredibly blessed.

We are so grateful we are able to enjoy the amazing gifts God blesses us with daily.

{ our views taken throughout the years }

4 thoughts on “Our home

  1. I came across your site from a post on Pinterest.  I live in Indiana now but I grew up on the South Shore too.  The pictures of your home and the beautiful views are touching my heart right now, making me feel very nostalgic.  I would love to breathe in some sea air right now.  

    1. Oh wow Alyssa! Thank you for visiting. We just love the South Shore and the water, I can see how you would miss that. Hope you make it back here again someday 🙂

  2. I came accross your site too via Pinterest. I want to dive into those pictures. I bet life really gets put into the right perspective when nature treats you to such beautiful things every day. Thank you for sharing these photos. The made my inner ‘nature nerd’ extremely happy. 😉 

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